How does TYC work with you?

Scope the programme

Fittingly, we start with a conversation. Ours is with the prospective customer, and focused on understanding exactly what areas of management conversations need to be improved.

It may be the way the conversations take place, or perhaps how the outcomes of a performance management conversation are defined.

From this discussion, we create the criteria for success. What are the tangible and measurable goals we can achieve by the end of the training process? What does ‘success’ look like?

We then submit a proposal, which clearly sets out what managers will be able to do by the end of a programme and how we will achieve the results.

Design the programme

Once we get approval, we create a programme that delivers on all the objectives we discussed in the initial meeting. The programme could be a short session to introduce managers to the main concepts and give them practical tips to implement the training. Or it could be a longer, more in-depth intervention, delivered over several weeks.

Deliver the training

The training is delivered in-house or at an outside venue, depending on preference.

The training is practical, with role-play and lively discussions at the heart of each session. By the end, attendees will be armed with a set of clear and achievable goals to help them put their skills into practice, with an opportunity to reflect on progress with their own line manager.

Longer courses can be delivered over several weeks, giving people a chance to practice their skills and experiment in between sessions. At the end of each session, people will be clear about how to practically develop their skills in real-life situations, which they can then reflect on when they come to the next session.

Blended learning and follow up

A key success measure of any training initiative is the extent to which managers actually develop their skills on-the-job over a period of time. They need to be able to reflect on this and track their own progress, so we work with you to identify these criteria and create simple measures.

We have our TYC conversation competency frameworks to facilitate this and can create follow up remote sessions, peer learning groups etc. We can dovetail into in-house LMS systems to make the learning journey as seamless as possible.

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