Our Story

The room doesn’t have any real outside light, the walls are a bland beige colour and the air conditioning rattles incessantly... But don’t be fooled, on most days, by the time we are finished, those walls are covered in flipchart paper, post-it notes and that summarize the creative output from our conversations.

Conversations have become our passion... those that help people to connect, to grow, to align and to develop.

Welcome to TYC, Transform Your Conversations.

We met in a very different room at a children’s birthday party. It was noisy, chaotic and not the easiest place to start a conversation. But It was clear from the moment we started talking about what we did, that we both had a passion for making a real difference to Managers development. Not only were we on the same wavelength, but we wanted to do something about it.

We knew that many managers often don’t have the skills or the confidence to have great conversations. So we decided to focus on developing those practical skills that make the biggest difference and which need to be developed on the job.

TYC slowly came to life as we embarked on our own learning journey, refining our ideas and challenging each other to create the programmes to transform conversations and drive business performance.

TYC story